Identify orders with multiple items from the central panel

last changes in ebay finally fixed after almost one year the unpaid orders information download. Now, if an order is not paid, customer’s information are correctly downloaded from ebay. For the last year, those information were blank until the order was paid.
So, I still have a specific request. Is there a way to identify orders with multiple items included from the main window, when a group of orders (or a smart folder) is selected? In the left side list, I can recognize multiple items orders because there is a “+1” (“+2”, “+3”…) icon just right to the name. However, in the mail panel, there is no number or any other sign that could recognize multiple orders. Is there a solution for this?
Thanks for any idea.


When in table overview mode (main view) there is an “Items” column that shows the number of items in that order.

table overview

Is that what you are looking for?

Hi Kristian,
thank you for your help.
Yes, I am looking for something like that, but that I could see from the other view (the one with images, not the list). Any solution would be much useful (like a “+1” icon over the image) because when I prepare order, I take items in SKU order and check the main window which shows images in the same SKU order. This way, I would know if an order is single-item or multiple. Let me know if I explained more accurately the situation now.
Thanks again for your help.


Hi @kristian ,
I made a screenshot to give you a better idea of what I am trying to say. In the left side column, GS shows a “+1” icon just next to buyers name (green circle). However, in the main window (where you see items’ images), there is no way to understand if an order is single-item or combines more. Why the “+1” icon is not displayed next to buyers name of the first order also in the main view?

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