Image appearing outside of design

I’m relisting auctions from a few months ago. When I check them in Preview mode, the image appears outside of the design I am using. I’ve tried dropping a new image into the design, but each time it appears outside (under) the design.

I’ve started a listing, and the image appears outside the design frame. See here:

Is there any way I can correct this in GS?

This is a listing that you once created with GarageSale but then imported from eBay back into GarageSale.
The problem with these imported listing is that they include the code for designs and (old) image URLs in the item description.

In this case it’s helpful to “clean” the item description so you can select a design and edit the descriptionas usual:

  1. in Preview mode copy the whole text from the item description (cmd-a, cmd-c)

  2. Switch to Editor mode, clear/delete the item description field there.

  3. Paste in the previously in step #1 copied text (cmd-v).

  4. Switch back to Preview mode. You can format your item description text here and also select a design as usual.

This will generate clean content and use the latest design version and image links if you start/revise/relist the listing.

Thank you Kristian.

I tried this but the old design template was also copied and ended up inside the new design.

In the end, I created a new template and copied / pasted the description from the old template, and dropped in the original images which I had kept. All is working now.

GS is a great app – I wouldn’t be without it. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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