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I currently have my GS design template set up as no images. I used to do thumbs up, but realized that once the listing was live you could not click on the thumbs in the description, they just stayed small. It seems harder to insert the images into the sidebar in edit mode as opposed to the thumbs in the description, but it seems pointless to have them if you can’t click on them, and the very same images are clickable in the ebay thumbs.
Just curious if anyone places their images in the listing description and if so how do you prefer to place them and do you think it helps sales to have the same pictures in your listing that ebay displays. Trying to wrap my head around this.

I usually only need 2 images. I always have my images at the top. A picture tells a 1000 words. If both images are portrait, 2 on top, else ‘images up’.

David Elliott, are you also uploading your images to eps. Would you mind sharing a link or screenshot of one of your live listings. I typically have a minimum of 6-8 images, due to a lot of detail. I am not sure how I need to set my listing up as I am afraid with to many images buyers won’t want to scroll through the listing as opposed to just clicking on thumbnails at the top under the gallery image.

Starting to say that as far as I can tell, very few customers today open descriptions, I suggest you anyway to put 2 images at the top of description (no thumbnails) and others under description. This way, those few readers will need to scroll reading also description (which is very important when someone opens a dispute saying there was a damage or for any other information written in description that they did not read, eBay should remove bad feedbacks in this situations… at least they did with me in the past…). Images thumbnails are not the best choice from mobiles from my point of view.

Anyway, always use EPS because of the reason said above (customers rarely read descriptions…). This way, photos will be full size at the very top and as David said, one photo is better than 1000 words. But remember always to write everything in description, it will help you in case of dispute…

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fedege96, I appreciate your response. Good point about the pictures for backup reasons. I do write everything in my description and I also take photos of any flaws. I know you said no thumbnails, but I assume you meant no GS thumbnails, but yes to the EPS thumbnails, please correct me if I am wrong.

Yes I meant no GS thumbnails. With EPS thumbnails what do you mean? The square at the top of listing? That is undoubtedly the best thing to do. Consider that many people today use smartphone and so EPS images are far easier to scroll and check.

Yes I did mean the image at the top with the ebay thumbnails under it. Thank you so much for your help. I have been slowly tweeting my listings and now feel like I have a better grasp of which way I need to go.

I will leave you in Federico’s good hands. He posts more images than I do but if I can still help in any way, just ask.


Welcome, glad to hear it was useful :slight_smile: !

Thanks David, image is being a new challenge for me (after synch, obviously!): little images means bad quality but also little space occupied by GS database, and this is a serious matter if your main Mac is a laptop. On large numbers it is becoming a problem… will ever see a built in GS image resizer?? That would be a godsend …

Thank you David I appreciate your help.

I always use images. Not only does it help me to sell what I need to sell, but on more than one occasion, that fact has saved me from having to refund that which a buyer has said was defective.

How many depends upon what the item is (or items are). Sometimes, I’ll put up as few as 3 images, for stamps, covers, and some types of jewelry.

More often, I will use all 12 to get all sides and aspects of an item. And of course, every amount in between.

I use Pro: Package with images right, though they not only show as going down the right side, but also at the top with thumbnails, so all sides are covered.



Thanks for your insight, I am exploring this topic fully and am now considering customizing a pro template :grimacing:.
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