Image Problem after restoring items form Ebay

I bit the bullet and downloaded afresh from Ebay. Of course, I have lost lots of old records and most of my previous orders. I can live with that for the speed improvement and clean data base.

A number of things have caused me a fair bit of work.

  1. All the items downloaded 27,000 fish appeared in the same group. That was to be expected because groups are local to GS,

  2. Returns, Payment Method and Shipping had all reverted to “Profiles”. I know how to fix these though.

  3. Image Links need repairing. I can also do this but I wish I had spotted it before I had sorted my listings into groups.

  4. Image location. This one has me bugged though.

There is one issue however.

The first two images show and odd ‘extra’ image sat below the the description panel.

I can delete it but then I lose the image from the thumbnail vies of the description.

If I try to list the item, Ebay ‘rejects’ the listing with:

So I repair the link and ebay accepts the listing BUT it is now visible in the listing.

Anyone know how to sort this issue?


Just an additional image for this problem. If I select a different design then the listing is really screwed up.

Ilja. Would you like me to post the html of the downloaded item?


You have these issues because you imported the listings from eBay probably without having the “Download listing images” and “Remove design from description” option enabled.

For test purposes it’s worth a try to delete one of the already imported listings (and empty the trash bin) and then re-download it from eBay with the mentioned options enabled this time. See how that works for you.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian

I should have read the help notes to start with. Trouble is I have already re-sorted my listings. I will need to think about which direction to go next…


Hi Kristian

As you suggested, this worked well for the mentioned issues. Two other questions though:

1.Each imported listing from Ebay has only one image downloaded.

  1. Most of my manual set shipping values have been “hidden” by Ebay profiles.

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 1.48.49 pm
Changing the shipping so that profiles are ‘Do not use’ can be difficult to do in bulk because it will only work on ‘like’ settings. it dos not work in bulk if some are set to ‘profile’ and some are not.

Maybe the original listing only had one image hosted on eBay? If you was using GarageSale’s image service maybe “Also upload to eBay” was not activated when initially started these original listing.

As far as I can tell that’s the only way how these settings can be imported/are available on eBay.

You probably can do this with the “Copying and Pasting Listing Components” feature:

Another way could be to create a smart group that filters all listings with a specific shipping profile ID. That only makes sense if you don’t use too many different profiles, I guess.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian. Your comment got me thinking.
I compared a current listing:

with an older listing and the difference was rather worrying:

(I have 20,000+ expired listings gs like this).

I contacted Ebay. As usual they tried to tell me it was “user error” but I persevered and eventually got a reasonable response:
‘We received similar reports from other sellers about this issue. I will add your account to our list of impacted sellers so that our Product Team in Sydney can work on this ASAP. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this has caused your business. Rest assured, our team is working hard to get this fixed. The team has not set any timeframe as to when this will be resolved. I encourage you to check your account from time to time.

I suggest other GS users in Australia check out their listings from early December.

The lack of resolution timeframe is concerning but there seems very little I can do about it.


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