Image quality and maximum size of GarageSale Free Picture Service

GarageSale is fantastic and I’ve been using it since 2008. Very recently, I purchased the upgrade to 7.0.13.
It was not a decision that I took lightly because it meant a forced upgrade of my actual Mac OS version which I had managed to have ‘suspended-in-time’ for the last 6+ years.

Whilst I am still getting used to the latest layout of GS7 (and my new Mac OS), one thing that I am disappointed in is the quality of the uploaded images that appear on ebay’s ‘mouse over image to zoom’ gallery.

I was hoping that it had been due my older version of GS, but unfortunately it seems like it’s ebay adding way too much compression.

I am not in a position to use ftp or webdav, but I am assuming that ftp/webdav methods of image upload don’t provide more than 1 image in ebay’s ‘mouse over image to zoom’ gallery?
[similar to the result of using GS free picture service - without EPS… if I recall correctly, this was also the case when I used image url option]. Perhaps this can be clarified.

I don’t have a problem with GarageSale’s free picture service image quality that is displayed in the description (although you get varying compression results depending if your files are PNG’s or JPG’s). Like I said, it’s in fact my main method of uploading images, especially as I don’t have an alternative, but its fantastically simple to use and is the main reason why I’ve been a user of GS for 10 years now!

However, I am pretty certain most buyers rely on the ‘zoom’ gallery at the top of the ebay page, which only features multiple images when using EPS. And in addition, it’s great that the image size displayed in this zoom section can be upto 1600 x 1600 - which is 2.5x larger than GS free pic service max image size of 1200 x 800 in the description.

To suggest ebay viewers scroll down to view better quality images in the description would be better if GarageSale’s free picture service wasn’t limited to a max 1200 x 800.

10 years ago I could understand the reasons for the 1200x800 size limitation. But in today’s world of fast broadband and retina display advancements… it would be fantastic to see an upgrade in image size limitation in GS free picture service. If not to match ebay’s 1600x1600, then at least 1200 x 1200 ? Come on guys. No?

Hi baron,

In GarageSale 7 in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images you should activate
"Also upload to eBay" and “Enable picture pack if free”.
This way you should get eBay’s zoom feature even if you’re using GarageSale’s free image service or your own image server.

Regards, Kristian

The issue is not about enabling ebays zoom feature, I am aware of it and I already use the ‘upload to ebay’ options.

Its about the comparison in image size that GS provides in its free image service. Especially for us users who don’t have an alternate option.
It would be nice if the max pixel size could be increased from 1200x800 to compete with ebays zoom feature of 1600x1600.

In that way a seller can have more justification in trying to direct potential buyers to view images further down the page that are not only already better resolution, but would also be similar in size to the zoom feature at the top of the page.

LIke I said, 1600x1600 is x2.5 the size of 1200x800.
If it wasn’t for the fact that ebay highly compress these ‘zoom’ pictures, it wouldn’t be so much of an issue.

But, after all the improvements that I’ve seen in garagesale in the last decade that I’ve been using it, this max picture size in GS free picture service hasn’t changed. It would have been nice to have seen an upgrade in maximum image size also - especially considering where we are with todays technology.


Agreed. It’s on the list of features for GS 8. If the day only had 48 hours… :wink:

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