Image revise bug

i’m receiving error each time when trying to revise auction and choosing “revise selected properties only” -> eBay images.

Invalid job context type
the job context object is not supported by Action Service Framework.

switching to “revise entire listing” making revise without errors.

p.s. working with images in GS is soooo confusing…

We would need your log files to open a support incident with eBay, as the error is returned by their server component.

Let me know if you are willing to provide these, and I’ll supply you with updated information on how to activate the logging facility.

just wondering why i’m the first who finds this because it is already beta 44 status.

i will do this with my new account. but this will take some time because now i have too many work with migrating current active listings.

What kind of listing are you trying to revise? Buy It now, variation, GTC?

exactly: BIN, variations, GTC.

Thanks. I suppose it’s this exaction combination of revising the images only of a variation listings that’s triggering the bug. We’ll see if the bug is on our or an eBay’s end.