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It use to be sooo easy, but not anymore since eBay/GarageSale updates. I read through help topics and blogs, but I still can’t get my listings on ebay using Garagesale.

I’m not a routine user, so everytime I try to use, I seem to have an obstacle of learning something new.

First off, I recognize Kristin for all the help I have received 2nd hand by using Garage sale forum (each time I come back to new updates and rules). But now with my latest problem I have spent hours trying to remedy my problem through reading blogs and trying suggestions… BUT I AM AT MY WITS END NOW! I know it is an eBay thing… but I just want to list thru Garagesale because I like to keep it organized on my computer so I can relisted if I take a break from eBaying (eBay only holds listings for only 90 days). Plus I like the added benefits of posting to my Twitter followers.

BUT now since update (image clickable links using https), I have not been able to list. ***Before the latest Garagesale update, I could go into GS edit mode (or maybe it was on eBay) and change http to https. I don’t see that option in the newest GS (or maybe it was eBay) update.

The skinny of my problem ( I THINK )… I don’t have a FTP or DAV account. I downloaded Cyberduck and tried to do what was suggested… now I am still confused, and I can’t get Cyberduck to go away!!! and that’s irritating. I explored dropbox and my gdrive options… but I am just not getting how to do this. ;-( Why can’t i drag photos from my own hard drive and upload anymore? They don’t have be clickable for all i care!!! I just want to post my listings plain and simple.

I have now resorted to Poshmark. I still want to list on eBay so I can go global… but I have spent a lot of trying to figure this one out. I can’t continue to use Garagesale until I find a remedy.

I need an easy fix quick. I hope someone can keep. Thank you for your time!

Lori aka HOFsale on eBay, and Lorious on Poshmark.

Hi Lori,

for me it sounds you’re trying to setup your own image server in the GarageSale preferences > Image Server, did I get this correctly?

Instead of setting up your own image server it might be easier for you to simply select GarageSale’s free image service in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images.

This way you don’t have to struggle with FTP settings and https.

Hope this helps,

Hello Kristian,

Thanks for reminding of that. I can’t use the free one because all of my listings are 'Buy It Now", and usually run longer than 60 days, But i will definitely subscribe to GTC yearly, as it is worth it just to get my new listings up.

Thank you for your help!


Hello again,

I purchased 12 months of GTC image server, put photos in my media folder. Selected to use free Garagesale free purchase service (as mentioned upgraded as well). Tried to find something in manual about set-up, but didn’t see it.

I just tried to list, and got the same ‘problems found’
Security policy violation. Description contains HTTP resource which are not secure. I updated my templates already. IDK.

OMG… it was the Garage sale footer!!! I read some more, and updated footer and now I can list!

I don’t know why it wasn’t automatically fixed with templates.

But moving on,


How do I see what photos are on GarageSale server?

Hi Lori,

I already replied to your request through our support system.

For those with the same https issues, please visit the “How to make your listings ready for eBay’s new policies” page here:

Regards, Kristian

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