IMAGE tab Gone in GarageSale 7

I am accustomed to embedding a larger, Dropbox hosted image in all my eBay auctions.
Have just spent the last 30 minutes looking for this option in GS7.
My main images are still uploaded to eBay.
Is this still possible to include the Dropbox image URL? Or is this option simply gone?


GarageSale still supports the upload to your server/web space via FTP and WebDAV:

It also still supports image upload to EPS and GarageSale’s free image service:

However, DropBox support was never supported.

You can still add “Image URLs” in GarageSale’s Editor mode ("+" button below the image field there) if that is your concern.

Regards, Kristian

Not seeing the + sign below the image field. Sorry. I only get a “Drop New Image” placeholder.

IF I switch to HTML Editor ( the pencil), then yes, I can add the URL for an embedded photo. Why would I want to write HTML? This should be as simple as it was in versions 6


you don’t have to write any HTML. I only was referring to the “+” button there. As in GarageSale 6 you have different options there to add images to your listing, e.g.“add image URL”.

However, we’ll consider to add an “add image URL” menu command so you can add image URLs in Preview mode, too.

Regards, Kristian

Awesome! That would be very convenient, as it was in GS 6 versions.