Image upload failed - Unknown error

I have been getting this error all morning on re-listing items. Anyone else having issues?

Shortly after posting, the problem seems to have gone away. Not sure why but glad it’s working now.

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I’ve been getting an xml problem, if I restart garage sale it either hangs of uploads the listing…so time consuming at the end of the month!!
Anyone have any ideas here?

I was getting it too today - seemed to go through if I was in EDITOR mode - sometimes I had to try a few times…


can you tell me which version of GarageSale do you use? And, of cause, we need the image system you are using (our server, EPS, FTP etc.).

If you are not using EPS, do you have the “Also upload images to eBay’s picture service, if free” in the “eBay images” preferences set?


Now I’m getting the XML error today. Taking multiple upload attempts for it to complete.

Using Version 7.0.10 (818) and using EPS

Sometimes works fine and then randomly will take multiple attempts to upload photo’s.

Hey Devan, Im having the same problem for the last couple of hours.

Please give the latest beta version a try:

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