"Image Upload Failed"

I get this error message on approximately ⅓ of the things I upload lately. Usually it’s on items I’m reloading.

I load sometimes 120 items at once, and this is REALLY slowing me down.


GS7 Beta 49 (769)

Let me add that the error comes during the “verifying” segment, not the “uploading” one.

Where are you uploading images to? EBAY, garagesale servers or your own server?

GarageSale’s default.

This is killing me! It’s taking literally 3-4 times longer than it should to upload my auctions. No clue what is going on, but it’s not on this end.

I’ve tried on three different machines with three different internet providers.

“Internal Application Error” is an eBay error from the eBay server. Sometimes you get this eBay error if their servers or system is overloaded.
It should work at a later time. However, maybe the eBay system couldn’t handle your 120 listing uploads at the same time.

Viele Grüße,

How big is each picture?

It looks like the is returned by the eBay imager server. This can happen, even if you selected the GarageSale image server – if you have the “Also upload images to eBay” preference enabled at the same time. In this case, GarageSale will upload your images to both servers, so you get the big pictures in the description and eBay hosted images in eBay’s thumbnail gallery.

What’s puzzles me is that you are getting the images in the verification phase. GarageSale shouldn’t upload any images during the verification phase at all.

So what you are doing is this:

  • You choose “Start Listings” from the main window’s toolbar (or the menu bar), you get the “Launch Control window” and you get this error immediately without any further action?
  • Also, does is this listing contain variations?


Thanks, Kristian. I will try uploading at different times of the evening.

And I’ll break it into smaller chunks.

The width is always 900 px.