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I don’t remember if I already asked somewhere this information, is there any way to put images before footer? I use Pro: urban modified with code into footer section in preferences. Images disposition is “aligned images” and shows 2 images at the top of descriptor, others at the bottom, under footer. I would like to put other images (from the third) before the footer. Is there any trick @kristian ?
Thanks for any help.


I think you have two options here:

A. You insert your own image URLs below your item description in Editor mode (Code view) using HTML code. To do this these images must already be available online.

B. You disable the footer in the GarageSale preferences and instead insert your footer text in one of the “info Boxes” in the “Properties” Inspector, e.g. the 5th info box. Select “Bottom” from the “Show 5th Info Box” menu and enter your footer text into the “5th Info Box Text:” field.
This info box will appear below all images.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Kristian but unfortunately these options do not fit my needs. I don’t have images already online so I don’t have an URL and I can’t disable footer because it has code that modifies my design, then footer automatically appears in all listings, info boxes don’t. If there is any other way to move images over footer, I will sadly keep them at the bottom…

You could keep the footer but only use it for the code that modifies your designs.
For everything else that you want to use in your footer you could use the info box as described in my previous post. (You can add an info box to all selected listings at once.)

There’s not, sorry. The placement of the footer can’t be controlled by the listing design so far. GarageSale will always place the footer right below the description text.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks anyway Kristian, I need a field that automatically updates for (now) 15.000 listings, manually adding and modifying an info box is not that practice on such numbers. I used it in the past but had to switch. I will keep photos at the bottom :cry:

Is it plain text that you use in your footer? (Besides the code you mentioned)

Regards, Kristian

Yes, I also have html code for text to add in footer. Why exactly?

I am asking because there might be a way to insert plain text (no code) below the image area. This could probably be done by just adding some additional CSS code to the footer.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian, so with other code in footer I might move the text under images? But if I have html, is that fine or not?
Let me know.

Thank you

You could add the following code to your existing footer:

.gs-prourban #gs-descriptionBottomBonusBox {display: block; padding: 20px 0;}
.gs-prourban #gs-descriptionBottomBonusBox:before {content: "enter_your_footer_text_here";}

Replace enter_your_footer_text_here with your plain footer text. Please note that this method is pretty limited but maybe it works for you, maybe not.

Regards, Kristian

@kristian just tried, unfortunately it doesn’t work. If I just paste this text as it is, enter_your_footer_text_here does not appear at all. What’s wrong?

Hmm, it’s working perfectly here with the “Pro: Urban” listing design.

Could you send me a link to one of your live listings so I can check the source code?

Regards, Kristian

Here you find one active listing. Thanks for your help!

Thank you. I just tried it with the source code of your listings, just added the provided footer code and it worked like expected.

Can you please make sure that you insert the following code in your footer field and revise the listing afterwards (or start a new one)?

.gs-prourban #gs-descriptionBottomBonusBox {display: block; padding: 20px 0;}
.gs-prourban #gs-descriptionBottomBonusBox:before {content: "enter_your_footer_text_here"; color: red;}

I colored the “enter_your_footer_text_here” text red so you can better see where it appears.

Regards, Kristian

Welcome Kristian, thanks to you! Just tried and yes, now it works, I can see red text under images. Is there a way to put there formatted text and also GS icon?

Using this limited method, there’s no way to insert formatted text, only plain text.

Regards, Kristian

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