Images disappear with synching

this has already been discussed with @paul and seemed to be quite random. After some weeks of investigation, I maybe discovered what cause the issue, but I’d like to hear anything from anyone else using synching. Well, this should be the process I probably found causing SOMETIMES the ghost image (not always…).

  1. a listing is made on second Mac
  2. that listing is synched to first Mac
  3. after that listing has been synched, photos are deleted and substituted with 2 new ones in second Mac
  4. when listing synch again, photos becomes ghost on both Macs

I am still trying to figure out what exactly happens on those listings with ghost images because I was not able to reproduce it every time. If anyone else noticed it, that would be great to hear.


Synching is giving lots of troubles during these days. It stopped working today, the usual warning keep appearing. Are you doing updated or there is something else wrong? Tell me if sending log…

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