Images disappeared from eBay shop templates

I have used garage sale for three months now and I have just discovered that all my pictures have gone, one thing I did not realise that photos are deleted after 90 days. now I have to go into all my templates and put them back in again. a couple of questions.
I have tried to revise fixed price action but it does not put the picture into template, so I have to go into EBAY and edit and paste the photo in there
a. if I subscribe to GTC image server will this prevent this
b. does everyone that uses garage sale have to reload images every 90 days
c. do I have to have all my listings GTC so I don’t lose all my images.

Are the images still in your templates?

Hi abbe,

if you revise/relist your items from within GarageSale your images won’t be deleted. Please learn more about the GarageSale’s free image service here:

If you want to use GarageSale’s image service for GTC listings you have to purchase the GTC image option

It’s important that you revise/relist from within GarageSale.

Regards, Kristian

no they have all disappeared

I have this happen to me occasionally. I find that if I exit Garagesale, and come back in , all my photos are back.