Images for variation listings

Can anyone help? I want to use the Variation Listing for selling DVD movies and want to show two images for each movie. There are many examples of that on EBay now and they have hundreds of movies in one listing. Therefore, they are able to somehow show hundreds of images. Does anyone know how? Thanks Jim

Hi Jim,

not sure if offering different DVDs in one and the same listing is a good idea, however, you can easily do this by using eBay’s variations feature. GarageSale supports this feature and you can add multiple images per variation, too.
Please see the help here:
(Don’t miss the “Adding Images” at the bottom of that page.)

Regards, Kristian

I understand that. The problem comes into play when I exceed 20 images per listing. GarageSale is limited to 20. I have seen variations on ebay where there are hundreds of listings. i guess I need my own hosting site.

If you want to show multiple variation images you should switch to EPS in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Iamges. Using an own image server won’t help in this case.

Regards, Kristian

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