Images go in one orientation come out as another?


Getting a weird bug in Garage Sale 7.0.18, when I drag and drop an image into the editor window it changes the orientation of it.

It does it with all the images I add in :confused: not a massive problem just an annoyance.

Anyone else getting this?

I had that issue much time ago. Opening all images and saving them again fixed it for me and it never happened again, but I suppose it was due to taking photos with phone camera, now I only use scanners…

Yeh but shouldn’t have too just spent a good 30 mins going through them all to make sure they are the correct orientation, but oh well lesson learned.

This might be just a quick trick to avoid this waste of time, anyway I suggest you to send GS team one of your photo so luckily they will be able to reproduce and fix the issue.

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Hey Garage Team if you need an image let me know :slight_smile:

Have never seen this before.

I noticed it when I imported photos into Mac photo app and rotated them within the app. Apart this, I never had this issue since I don’t use photo app…

After playing about some more I noticed that even tho the orientation shows as incorrect when I open up the image in the built in markup editor its the correct orientation, so guessing it’s just a bug displaying the wrong orientation.

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