Images not displaying correctly in design mode

I’m creating my second listing using GarageSale and I have come across an issue that I am struggling to resolve regarding showing of imaged.

I’m hosting my images in the cloud however when I use "add image URL “ the image displayed is approx 4 times bigger than when I use “add image file” were the image file is located on my local drive. The hosted image is a copy of the image stored on my local drive and I have confirmed that size and resolution details are the same (se below)

Both images are;
1600x1600 72ppi
files size 1.4MB

I have tried swapping the images round (uploaded the local image to the cloud and down loaded the cloud image to me PC) and get the same problem when using "add image URL “. I have also get the same results with all imaged that have been saved with aspect ratio 1-1, 1600x1600 72ppi when I add the image using "add image URL “

I have tried using a different hosting service (MS Onedrive) and get the same issue.

Also when I hover over one of the smaller thumb nail images in one of the drop zones it does not replace the original image but sits on top (see screen shot)

I am able to get round this if I drag the large image in to another drop zone picture holder and delete the over large image all appears to be OK except that my 1600x1600 image is displaying smaller than my 800x600 image.

Hope all this makes sense

any advice would be appreciated

Kind regards - Frank

When you used the"Add URL image" command, the linked image gets displayed at whatever size you uploaded it to the server.

If you use the “Add Image from File” command, GarageSale is responsible for uploading it to your selected server. Usually the image is also scaled during upload, depending on what server you have selected under eBay > Images in the preferences.

So in GarageSale’s preview, GarageSale applies the size it would later use for uploading.

Screenshot didn’t make it through. :frowning:

Thanks for the quick response. So to get the full benefit of GarageSale am I best adding images using “Add image URL” or “Add image file” or does it not matter as eBay will ensure images are displayed correctly.

The reason I ask is that a number of my listings will be created to use the “Variation” feature and I’m unsure whether I should use GarageSales free picture service or bays EPS?


Hi ilia,

Thanks for that, I understand now.

I have one more question.

I have just posted my first listing on eBay using the "variations feature” in GarageSale, which has 14 colours to choose from and 4 different sizes. This works great and as expected as the user selects a colour they get a photo popping up of the product in their chosen colour. The problem I have is that of the 14 images showing the different colours set up in the Variation Table, 6 are shown as thumb nails in the listing and the remaining 8 images are at the end on my listed .

My questions are;

  1. How do show all the 14 colour variation images as thumb nails, I don’t want any of the colour variation images showing as large images at the end of the listing

  2. How do I stop showing the colour variation images as thumb nails but still enable the users to see the image as they select a colour

I’ve attached the url so you can see what I mean.

Hope that makes sense.

Kind regards - Frank

Hi Frank,

the “Hover Gallery” layout options currently only supports up to 10 images. What you could do is to switch to the “Vertical Hover Gallery” layout since it supports unlimited images.

If you don’t want to display any images inside your item description, simply select the “No Images” layout. The eBay image gallery will still be displayed with all your variation images.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

Thanks for that.

Regards Frank

Any ideas why drag and drop for pictures stopped working? I can not drag from iPhoto directly into GS. I have to drag into a folder on the desk top and then into GS and that works. I was able to drag right into GS on all versions including this version (7.0.7(795)) and it just stopped working.

There was a change in macOS 10.12.4 that broke drag and drop from Apple’s Photos app directly into GarageSale (once again). We filled a support issue with Apple about this, but I’m not positive this will solve the issue.

For now you have to drag your images to the Desktop, and from there to GarageSale or use the Media window inside GarageSale.

how do I get them into the media window? Everything is blank with no folders and drag and drop doesn’t work on it either.


the drag from the media window works here. If this window is empty, is there a progress indicator behind the “Photos” library? Did you wait for some time so your image library loaded completely?

Maybe you can make a screencast of whats happen on your machine.


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