Images repeats & blank image with image error

Hi, Update on an unresolved image problem…

Using GarageSale 7.0.21 on an 10.10.5 mac OS
When adding images to a listing, I am still having an issue a blank image loading first (which appears in the main listing area) then the first image along the right side of text will appear TWICE.

At first I start the listing to see if I could edit once live on ebay - I got this error message:
“GSImageCache pathTo ResizedLibraryImage:maxSize:error received nil from CGDataProviderCreatWithFilename” & I could not start the listing.

I then switched to Editor mode. I could then click on the blank images & delete them. When I switched back to Preview there was still one blank image in the first position but I could start the image! BUT the image tilted sideways. thinking it may be that specific image. I tried to delete it but any image in that spot would tilt sideways.

Any ideas, Has this happened to anyone else?

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