Immediate payment required error

I was changing my “buy it now” auctions to just auction style without buy now. I checked off the immediate payment required button but still receive the error when post ing my auction. How do I fix this?

What category are you posting in? Can you post a screenshot of the error message you are getting?

unfortunately I deleted the posts and just relisted through eBay and fixed all problems through their site. I then imported all the fixed listings back to garagesale before I got this response.

Is it valid to have immediate payment on an auction-only listing?

It only seems to be valid on fixed-price items (Buy It now). Please see the eBay help here:

Regards, Kristian

That’s what I thought. It doesn’t make any logical sense, nor is it technically possible to require immediate payment on an auction-style listing without Buy It Now. Auctions end at a point in time after a bid is placed which can be any time during the day, whereas payment is a manual process which requires a buyer to interact with the payment page.

The “immediate payment” option must not be available to select unless there’s a Buy It Now on the listing. Removing Buy It Now needs to clear the Immediate Payment option if it had previously been set.

Removing that option automatically is a bad idea, because the user would unknowingly lose the immediate payment option when he accidentally ticks off the BIN checkbox. I think a good warning message is the way to go in this case.

You can put in multiple warning messages, but if options are allowed to be set in invalid states such as this one where BIN is a pre-requisite, or others which may be mutually exclusive (for example) then you’re not doing anyone favors by either generating errors on eBay or making the results undefined or otherwise ambiguous.

If a message comes up, dismissing it needs to clear the invalid option or leave the BIN setting as-is (OK and CANCEL results). Don’t leave invalid settings in a listing.

I was able to duplicate the process I went through and here is a screen shot with the immediate payment unchecked yet the error occurred.

This is on an already running auction that is a buy it now but converted to auction only for the test. i noticed that the category is also missing after the conversion. immediate payment is unchecked yet the error.

I’m very familiar with the IPR error. It is created originally when you import your listings from ebay. If the original listing was Fixed Price with IPR, then it, IPR, becomes a permanent feature of the Garagesale template and can’t be removed when you attempt to change the template to an auction. The same is true of any duplicate templates.

Fixed price with IPR imported from ebay can’t be converted to Auction. That’s the error.

The only cure is to create a brand new template. Or as the original poster did, to make a new Ebay auction and import that version to Garagesale for a new template.

Are you sure eBay didn’t opt you in using a payment profile when importing the item. Make sure you unselect the payment profile if one was pre-selected by eBay.

I know you told me this previously, Ilja. Honestly, I can’t remember if changing shipping profiles made any difference.

I know I ended up changing many of them manually, it was a slow process. Eventually I just gave up and stopped using Auction format.

I have no such problems with templates created in garagesale, they work fine. It’s some of the imported templates that won’t allow me to switch to auction.