Import and revise auctions


I’m trying to import and revise (to GS7) auctions created in Garage Sale 6.
I’ve clicked: File --> Import --> Import from my eBay.
Downloaded and amended my template and I would like to send improved version to eBay but revise button is greyed out.

When I hit “start” I have Java script error (not allowed) and Business Policy error (I’m registered as business with eBay)

Could you please help?

edit: I used to link auction with template in GS6 but I can’t see auction tab in GS7

Is the listing still running on eBay? Can you share a link to the listing on eBay?

If you switch to Editor mode (‘View’ menu > ‘Listing View Mode’ > ‘Editor Mode’, does anything come up if you search for ?

Hi ilja,

Many thanks for your response. everything OK now. I didn’t noticed but I have imported auction which was already there! I have now revised it and everything works great :slight_smile: (silly me)