Import data from GS 6 to GS 8

I have GS 8 and a GS 6 database. Is there a way to import the data fro GS 6 into GS 8?

What I would do is install GarageSale 7 first and let it import the GarageSale 6 database on first launch.
You find the download link for version 7.0.21 on the GarageSale download page here:
(scroll down a bit and click on the “Download Older Versions” field)

If you never had GarageSale 7 installed before you can use it in demo mode.
FYI: If you should get a “helper application” error during import, please contact the GarageSale support.

Once GarageSale 7 was able to import your GS6 database, upgrade to GarageSale 8. It can import your GarageSale 7 database on first launch.

Regards, Kristian

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