Import from Ebay to GS, some fields missing in templates

You never responded to this post:

I did reply to your question. Yes, I did click the Select All button. The Create Templates button remains gray.

Sorry to have been unclear. My point was to toggle one of the small checkboxes, since there is a glitch with the “Select All” button.

I no longer have the import list on my desktop, but I clicked and unclicked and reclicked the buttons numerous times. Even when I clicked only one entry, the Select All button remains gray.

Success! I did the import again.

This time the Create Template turns blue when I do some clicking as you suggest.

thank you. I’ll make the templates and be back when I see the results.

The results are much better. thank you. The missing fields imported properly this time.

The only issue is… I am required to replace the photos. A warning appears saying they are too small. Is this normal?

Once I replace the photos the verification of template process is successful.

Can you send my the link to such an auction on eBay? I’ll try to figure what goes wrong during importing.

All the listings need to have the photos replaced.

It’s easy to replace the photos compared to replacing the attributes and others that gave me trouble previously, but I wonder if the full sized photos should be importing.

I have 3 Ebay IDs and about 250 listings. Here is one shirt listing.

thank you for your assistance.

This listing seems to be already created by GarageSale. I was looking for an auction that you created not using GarageSale, so I can see where the image import fails. Can you please send me such a link?


I apologize for that. Here is an older listing.

I hope this doesn’t confuse the issue, but the other error remains also (see screenshot). It occurs when an imported template was originally fixed price with Immediate payment required (IPR). When I uncheck Immediate Payment from the Advanced tab, and change it to a 7 day auction, I get an error message. The only way to fix it is to make a new template.

A listing where this will be a problem in the future should I wish to create an auction:

GS Version 6.9.6b2 (614)

If you are listing the item as auction, you cannot use “Immediate Payment”. If I’m not mistaken, this is a general eBay policy.

You don’t understand the problem.

I uncheck the box that says Immediate Payment Required. It won’t acknowledge the change. It believes IPR is chosen when it is NOT. The only fix is to make an entirely new listing.

I am unhappy trying to communicate this to you. You refuse to acknowledge my problem.

What about **the error regarding photos?** Can it be fixed? 

<img src="/uploads/default/171/11fb9552d7383d09.png" width="423" height="178">

I returned to report the final outcome.

Ebay offered me 2000 free fixed price listings. I was able to list my entire inventory at once. Most of them are Fixed Price, so they all had Immediate Payment Required and all the imported templates carried the IPR error that can’t be corrected.

I needed copies of the listings that did not have IPR so I put all of them into the Ebay bulk editor and removed IPR (temporarily). Then I imported again to GarageSale. I converted them to templates as usual. I locate from the list versions that are free of IPR, and use those as the base for my GS Templates.

We still aren’t done.

Other errors appear in each listing and have to be repaired. Each template needs to be tested by clicking Verify Auction Template.

The Shipping Price error and the Returns error can be repaired by clicking the right column and choosing your price or setting. That ‘fixes’ those errors.

Ilja says the errors occur because Ebay started using ‘profiles’

Another error can occur with the photos. If they are too small (per Verify Template) they can be replaced by highlighting the group of them in finder and dragging to the template.

Thank you for your assistance Ilja. I have completed my import of existing listings. I can work with what I have. I wish the import had gone more smoothly and the resolution was easier. I fear the difficulties will discourage other new users of GarageSale. Please understand the issues we experience and try to make clear what we need to do. I nearly gave up, I was so discouraged. The software works well once set up, but the Import process is confusing and difficult.