Import inventory via CSV - AAGH and Google Drive

OK, i felt like a genius earlier…

I have a large consignment and created an online google form for my consignor to fill out which automatically creates the inventory in a google spreadsheet for me! That’s the genius part.

I intend to export that data to my inventory in GS. I am having NO luck with importing a CSV file… even the sample provided by iwascoding. It imports, nothing appears… Can someone please send me a working sample CSV file??

Thank You!

Prop-Guy - eBay

I just tried the sample CSV file (after unzipping it) by using the “import inventory item” command from the menu File > Import in Inventory mode.
The import worked like a charm here. The title of the imported invemtory item is “MacBook Pro i7”.

You might want to give it another try.
If not too large, feel free to post a sample of your CSV file here so we can have a look at it.

Regards, Kristian

AHA! It worked… Gremlins I suppose…