Import Inventory via CSV Mac Mini M1

Long day, simply trying to import inventory during this demo phase as i want this tool to work for my Listing/Variation needs. I am on a Mac… Therefore i have Numbers or Google Sheets at my disposal (oh i have windows too and a csv saved in excel is exact same issue as i note below when pasting). Pretty sure I comprehend csv’s 100%. yet something here is not behaving as one would expect, so maybe I will learn something today.

  1. Mac mini M1 is anyone have import issues here??

  2. should i expect the import to work using Numbers?

  3. should i expect the import to work using Google Sheets?

    in my examples below. Row 1 headers x7 columns, and one sample row for my test

  4. if i hand type the sheet needed for the sheet i can import it

  5. if i paste the data for the sheet i can not import it…

Really is that simple of a problem i have duplicated on Google Sheets, Numbers AND windows Excel that i put on google drive then download on mac and attempt import.

Pasting the data in column 2 and below in Numbers, Google Sheets OR Excel all break GarageSale import, screen freezes as it clearly doesnt like it.

Looking for a mac solution to import 100’s of items… cant import 1 unless i hand type it, which is what i can do in ebay aleady. please help

It is not really clear to me what you mean in 4. and 5. but in general GarageSale should be able to import a CSV file by using the “Import Listing” (or “Import Inventory Items”) command from the FILE menu.

If you select a CSV file there, the CSV import panel should appear. In that panel you can specify what column in your CSV file is mapped to what listing or inventory field in GarageSale.

Do you see this panel at all?

Can you post the CSV file you are trying to import so we can have a look at it?

Regards, Kristian

Thanks for reply. Yes i do see the panel. 4 and 5 was trying to say I am able to import without issue only if i hand type the data. if i paste data from any source it will not import. strange i know. i decided to be sure i was fresh in the files i was going to paste, and i think in doing that i may have just figured out the issue. i have a # in the text in title, as in card #. #1 Card per se…if i take out the # it now imports from hand typed OR pasted csv, this in itself i think is the issue now that i have slept on it and rebuilt. Here are the files i have created to verify my sanity, lol

Handtyped, imports fine (no #)

Pasted, imports fine (no #)

Pasted and handtyped/added the “#” in column 1… ugh… this was what was holding me up, does not import with the #

Thanks again for the reply, pretty sure the # is the issue for me, and # can not be used. I also note as i see some other samples on site of ebay users using GS, they show no #, this must be why
3 files for (4.9 KB)

I use the # symbol occasionally (it is an easy way to not upset the duplicates policy) and never had the problem you are posting about. It is more likely an import issue because I never have imported from a csv or numbers or google.

thanks, i will press on now with no # in import. Cant wait to begin to try this out, sure seems like the ideal solution for me

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