Import items from ebay description

Hey everyone… still learning… is there anyway to bulk remove the description when importing??

Then apply a new description by bulk??

All the best

Been trying for hours now… no luck as yet, i think perhaps im just not understanding how GS works, as the other plugin & the one before i used can just be done in a bulk update which takes a few mins as its a important feature…

I need to remove all descriptions from import then apply a listing design… then paste a certain description depending on the categories


You don’t have to remove the description to change the listing design. Just choose the one you want and poof, the new design is applied to the description. Don’t like the listing design? Click on a different one and poof, the listing design is changed and the description remains.

Are all the descriptions the same? I am guessing if you want to do it in bulk, they must be.

Have you tried:


Hey David… no they aren’t the same… im abit stuck… really what im looking to do is just remove all the descriptions… so its blank, then add a new design with descriptions…

all the best

I think you are asking to do this…#1. choose a listing design you want to add to the listings and right clicl to get “Copy listing Componets”. #2 Highlight all the listings you want to add the new listings designs and #3 Right click and “choose Paste listing components”. GS will bulk add or edit the listing designs to the selected listings. I do this to 750 listings at a time to make listing design changes. It will change everything unless you deselect form the list things you don’t want to change

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You COULD use the new Script Editor Window and create a JavaScript and then run it to remove all descriptions from all selected listings. Just be careful to make sure you have the correct listings selected…

I just tried it. Works great, and fast.

See below.


function run() {
    consoleLog("selectedListings: " + selectedListings.length);
    for (const listing of selectedListings) {
        // consoleLog(listing.itemDescription);
        listing.itemDescription = "";
        // consoleLog(listing.itemDescription);

HIya, okay, okay this sounds along the lines… will give this ago thanks!! if not ill have to set up some screen automation, which would do the job but not ideal.

thanks :slight_smile:

I didnt even know your could run java in GS… also another great option!! ill try this as well… thanks :slight_smile:

Just run this, also trying with adding content listing.itemDescription = “content”;

and works great!!! nice one, great solution

Just tested this!! also a great solution!!! nice one on this…

Thank you to @rlmartin & @Neal - both 10/10 solutions to my problem!!!

Great!! JavaScript is a new feature just added to GarageSale 9…

You can run scripts on selectedListings, allListings, and have a function to validateListing from the Launch Control window before Starting or Relisting.

Good Luck!!

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