Import of Templates

How Is it possible to import your own auction templates from the 6.9er version ?

I tried to do this several times but nothing happens .

Are there a special way to do this ?

Thanks in advance

not working for me too. tried several times with help of GS support and no luck.
finally imported my auctions through my ebay and had to edit them all. total waste of time (spent about a week to migrate to 7 version).

That’s not very funny, i have about 100 templates to edit. But thanks for the reply. Is there anyone who have a solution ?


why don’t you import your whole GS6 library? You can even import it again. Please have a look at any post for every new beta release_

If you have some exported templates from GS6 and they do not properly import in GS6, we need the template file. You can send us an archive/link off-list.