Import only listings from eBay that are not in GS?

I’m currently waiting for GS to retrieve the list of 3000+ running listings from eBay, and I’m wondering if (when it’s done; it’s not fast!) I will be able to compare the downloaded ones to the 3000+ listings I have in my GarageSale database, and only download those not present.

Obviously there has been some slippage over the years, especially since GTC listings have started re-running on eBay, but not all local copies are linked to them.

Any thoughts on how to best “retrieve only items not in GarageSale”?

Aha. I was able to see only listings running on eBay which are “not” (this is questionable) in my GS by clicking the gear in the lower left corner of the Import from My eBay dialog box, and selecting

  • Hide Already Imported Listings
  • Hide Ended Listings

However… I also have some of those items as listings in my GS database. I wonder now if there are duplicates on eBay. I have been in several situations recently where cancelling an eBay transaction, and seeing (and possibly missing sometimes) that “re-list automatically” is checked. That would create a “disconnected” listing on eBay not in my DB, without deleting my own local copy…

But this at least was able to limit the differences between the two lists to a manageable number.

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