Imported from MyEbay issues

My nightmare continues…

I have tried to start all over again with my business and salvaged the listings I had on MyEbay.

However, many of these are not working. They have blue question marks where the pictures should be and the pictures are down below the design template. Anyone else had this issue? Anyone know how to fix it?

@hevydevy are you totally sure that it is not to you mac that has some issue? Does it work well with everything else except GS? This is just an idea, never seen something like this…

Everything else works fine. Did a full system scan/permission repair etc.

Do you ever get the blue question marks where the pictures should be?

It has happened before but not to this extent.

I had troubles similar to those you described in the other discussion, but nothing like this situation! Never seen blue question marks there :astonished:… maybe could you insert a screenshot?

Now are you using 7.0.5 or latest beta?

Here is a link to what I re-listed yesterday (I know, I sell weird stuff to collectors)

Another one:

Ah now I understand what you mean with blue question mark ! Uhm it’s strange because with me they always mean there is a trouble with the hosting of images. Do you use EPS or GS hosting? But what’s stranger is that images are in the bottom of the listing… what image display are you using?


Gosh I have something like 2 pallets of 100 Kg each of this stuff :scream: useful to know …

Wait wait, relisted?? Maybe I know where is the problem!! Problem with images: 403 forbidden!

Do you set relist with changes or without changes??

I use GS hosting. Supposed to be all on top.

With all changes. The blue question marks are also in GS.

Gosh I have something like 2 pallets of 100 Kg each of this stuff :scream: useful to know …

I wouldn’t recommend it. I’ve been doing it for 15 years. It’s a ton of work for not much pay after Ebay takes its cut. I covet your pallet though.

Mmmh so that’s not the problem…

Do you mean in live view or preview?

Pallets were going to dump so… I saved them :grin:

Sure I sell (I will sell) magazine one by one, not page one by one… besides in Italy there is not such a market of this stuff like there… unfortunately… so they are left alone for now

It is like that in both

Did you try to delete them in preview and revise listing? But now GS works or not?

This is starting new with what I downloaded from MyEbay. It is still crashing constantly.

I think I know why now! Because I use GS hosting, they have erased their pics already but because I have the ‘also use ebay pictures’ checked, those are the ones on the bottom! Explains why some are like that more than others. Depends on how long they have been ended. How long does GS keep the pictures?

Also means I have to re-do all of my listings :sob:

60 days after ends …

That is surely the matter!!

Got any older fashion magazines?

It depends, if GS works you won’t…

Sent you a message :smile: