Importing Final Value Fees Calculations


Will these ever pull actual information from the listing sale?

I want to keep track of Final Value Fees as well as perhaps AD charges if possible.

Is there a way to make this happen?

Right now I am manually adding the FVF or the AD fees into the Item Cost field to keep track but wish this info would pull automatically. I never see anything happen for Final Value Fee or Total Fee fields inside the program.

Perhaps I am doing something wrong?


If the FVF are available in the corresponding listing, they should be entered automatically in the Order section.
It can help to:
• Select “Update All Listings” from the Listing menu
• Select “Download Listing Fees” from the Listing menu
• Select “Update All Orders” from the Order menu

Unfortunately, the FVF often is not available by eBay and so no way for GarageSale to get it.

Understood. Thanks.

So doing more digging, I realize that it does pull the info down but usually a week or a few days later, so its working.

Wonder if you guys can pull the AD fees costs into the program if they are allowing that info to be obtained? That would be beneficial to keep track of a sold item’s AD fee.

Thanks! Very happy as always with GS and iwascoding.

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