Importing GS6 listings to GS7 - User store categories not transcribing?

Anyone else having trouble migrating GS6 listings into GS7 with regards to Store Category and 2nd Store Category? I can see all of my store categories are present in GS7 - but all imports are defaulting to ‘None’ in both Store Category and 2nd Store Category and I’m having to manually update each one. Any tips?


this should only happen when GarageSale 7 is not able to import the accounts from GarageSale 6. Do the accounts from GS6 exist in GS7? If not, are the tokens still valid in the GS6 accounts?


Here is how to import the GS6 data again into GS7. Please note that you will lost all changes you have made to the already imported data in GarageSale 7!!!

Ok I’ll give that a go and let you know.

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