Importing GS9 Database from testing machine

I’ve tried out GS9 on a separate machine with my preexisting GS8 database, now i want to migrate the new GS9 database to the original machine. Which folders do i need to copy to make GS9 recognize the GS9 database from the testing machine?

You need to copy this folder from your home directory, (but there a two caveats):


  • First, the “Library” folder is only visible, if you enabled the corresponding checkbox in the Finder’s View Options panel
  • Since MacOS 11, the Finder replaces GarageSale’s identifier (com.iwascoding.garagesale9) with plain “GarageSale”, which makes it hard to identify the correct folder, if you have GarageSale 7 or 8 installed on the same Mac. In this case, you need to check the “Get Info” panel for each folder called “GarageSale” inside Library/Containers until you get to the right one.

Thanks @ilja, somehow when trying to figure this out i took a wrong turn to ~/Library/Application Support/ - but your advice turned out to be (obviously) correct. Up and running with GS9.

There are a few bugs though, i will report them separately.

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