Importing listings from Ebay to GarageSale

I haven’t been selling on Ebay for a while, so if this is a feature, pardon.

The fastest way for me to sell my items is to Sell Similar on my mobile Ebay app. If I list items this way, will Garage Sale import those listings? It would really help me out. I know most folks like to use this method for one of a kind listings.

@Amy_Escobar why don’t using GS scout app? If you list “outside” GS, then you have to manually import new listings into GS from the application, they do not import automatically…

But then I’d have to get rid of my lovely Pixel XL :wink:

I’d be happy if I could just do a sync. Will “Import from My Ebay” pull listings into GS? That’s all I need.

It does, but if I have to be really honest… in that case, what good is GS if you list from ebay?? Do everything from the ebay app…

Oh, I think its most potential is simply inventory management and reporting. Though I haven’t gotten down to the nuts and bolts of that.
Also, I don’t list everything through mobile, but sometimes it really need to be able to do that.

(And I really don’t think custom listing themes matter at all these days. I think it’s the sellers who like those, but the buyers just want a good price and good photos.)

Ad why not getting rid of your lovely Pixel XL and buy an iPhone with Garagsale scout? I guess you would love it :grin:

Anyway, just give “import from ebay” feature a try, keep in mind that importing from ebay has some “limits”, for examples images are not over GS server and it’s a bit a mess in my opinion. Anyway, a try will be the best choice in my opinion

Yes, that’s true. Although that, I am just templates sick… templates are more for sellers thank customers for sure :sweat_smile:

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