Importing music album from delicious library shows director not artist

I’m trying to import my CD collection from Delicious Library 3.9.2 but when GarageSale creates the listings, it says Director instead of Artist in every listing…

How can I fix that?

Also - is there any way of bringing the images in from Delicious Library along with the item details as well?


I’ve found the problem with the Artist not showing…

In the GarageSale application package, in the Resources folder, the file:


contains the code:

[[if libraryItemDescription.artist]]
\i [[localizer.Artist]]
\i0 : 
\b [[artistString]]
\b0 [[endif]]\

but it looks like the ‘libraryItemDescription.artist’ doesn’t exist - in Delicious Library 3 - the artist field is exported as ‘creator’…
artistString doesn’t exist either, so changing the code to:

[[if libraryItemDescription.creator]]
\i [[localizer.Artist]]
\i0 : 
\b [[libraryItemDescription.creator]]
\b0 [[endif]]\

correctly outputs the Artist title…

The only problem is - Director is still output as well… Not sure how to fix that…

Would still like to pull images in from the Image URL field though, if that’s possible?

Most likely Delicious Library changed their database format once again. Could you please send us your Delicious Library database file (from Delicious Library container at ~/Library/Containers/com.delicious-monster.library3/Data/Library/Application Support/Delicious Library 3/)?

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