Importing photos from URL & existing Ebay listing photos


Wow, I’m so impressed with Garagesale! I just bought it and love it! I have two questions:

  1. I imported all the listings from Ebay, but pics did not come with them. I just get the little boxes with a package and price. When I click on each listing individually, I can see the photos. This isn’t a big deal, but it would be nice to see them. Also, can I filter this by live listings?

  2. I am having problems with my images showing up when creating a new template. I am importing from a URL on my ftp server. When I use the assistant and perform your test, the little garage appears by itself in the browser with a check mark. I know I am using the correct FTP credentials. Any ideas why I can’t get my images to show up? (they’re .jpgs and I’ve chosen 800x600 as the size).

  1. Also, when using “Image -> Add Image URL” from my own ftp server, can I see and pick which of my FTP server images I want GS to use or do I have to remember their names? In other words, when I chose “Add image URL”, it doesn’t give me a choice to select the image I want to use…

Thanks. Great work. I love this interface and your wiki documentation is great too. I’m so excited about having templates too! :smile:


Can you post a screenshot here showing these boxes?

So you have your images already uploaded on your FTP server? The way most people use GarageSale is to add images from iPhoto or to their listings, and then let GarageSale do the uploading and URL generation. Maybe this route would work for you, too.

I have a file of photos for each of my listings. It’s wonderfully easy to highlight all the jpegs at once and drag them to the template.

That’s all I have to do! No more waiting forever for the ebay photo uploader.

A second set of images appears below the description field so I no longer need to use off site photo hosting.

I don’t want to be charged (by anyone) to have my photos on my Ebay pages, and I’m already paying for server space. I take pics with my phone and have an FTP client on it and can put them right on my server after taking them. I also do a lot of “good until cancelled”.

Hi, I hope you got the screen shot. I uploaded it as a linked topic?? Not sure if I was suppose to do that or not.

All my auctions are showing under “Imported From Ebay” and I can’t tell what is live, what has ended, etc. because they’re all under that category with no differentiation. And when I select “Imported From Ebay”, that’s when I get the pics of the boxes and price (without the photos of the item).

My biggest hurdle is importing from my FTP server. All the credentials are right, and your “test” confirms it, but I can’t get the photos to show on the template.