Importing Photos in bulk?

Hi. I am new to Garagesale but starting to get the hang of it. I am wanting to list items in bulk as really it’s just the photos that will be changing as the descriptions are generic.

My question is if I have a folder created in GS with a about 100 listings that have all the info I need but they have no photos, is there an easy way to use some kind of spreadsheet or something to import all the photos (2 per listing) into GS from a folder but not change any of the other info? Right now I am doing it manually with drag and drop having GS on the left and my finder photo thumbnails on the right and dragging and dropping 2 photos for each listing but this takes quite a while since I will have having 1000’s of listings. Looking of the easiest way to get photos to my listings that I have already created in GS, unless there is a better way?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Yes there is. Create your new listing with all the info and pictures included in it and then duplicate it as many times you want. AS fast as using keys “command and “D”” or use duplicate button in the menu bar and click 100 times or 1,000 times.

Thank you. I am doing exactly this but creating duplicate listings fast is not the problem. The issue is each listing needs to have its own 2 unique photos. If they all had the exact same 2 photos this would be easy for me with the duplicate command and holding down CTRL allowing me to do say 100 listings at a time. Sorry I should have clarified in my original post that the 2 photos per listing are unique as every listing is different photo wise and title wise which I can easily edit the titles after, but want to have all the photos input for each listing a faster way then dragging and dropping.

the problem then becomes the unique photo getting with the right listing and I believe that has to be done one at a time. Still very fast with GS

But that is not a problem because when I create the listing titles they are all generic. After the photos are loaded to the listings then I go and edit the titles based on the photos. Which are postcards. So just a front and back photo for each.

So in my example I have 100 listings that are all like below…

Canada Postcard…
Canada Postcard…
Canada Postcard…


photos are named…


2 photos per listing, 001 and 002 for 1st listing, 003 and 004 for the next, etc etc…

If your photos would already be uploaded to a server and accessible via https, you could try to use GarageSale CSV import feature:

It allows you to use image URLs and thanks to the option “Update Records with same SKU” you could then update already existing listing.

However, in the end it might be easier/quicker to just add your local photos manually to your existing listings.

I’ve found the drag-and-drop from the Finder to GS is still one of the best ways to make sure this works. I have a folder where I place finished (cropped & color-corrected) photos of items, and set the view preferences (in that finder window only) to show the images as thumbnails.

Since their names match the order created (in my case, because it’s just image numbering by iPhone or camera with serial numbers), I can select each specific batch and drag it onto the image sidebar of the listings in GarageSale. Just have both windows (one Finder window of images, and GS) open at the same time, and drag to listings in order. Once you see the images in the listing sidebar, click the next listing before returning to Finder to select and drag the next images.

In my case, I do 50-100 listings at a time, and mine have an arbitrary number of pictures each (5-10 usually), but it’s still easy to see the thumbnails in finder and see where the correct subsets are.


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