Importing templates into design template library

Can anyone please help as I have upgraded to version 7 and Garage Sale has not imported my own templates from version 6. I am running a mac book pro

I have created a folder into the help menu and selcted the library folder then made a folder called design templates and imported the two design templates that were made for me.
Restarted and they are not visible in the listing designs

I also went into finder and selected go and then selected the hidden library and there was no design template folder so I made one and imported the two listing templates and restarted gagrage sale and they are still not in the listing designs.

I have contacted help and they mentioned the above fixes and just wanted to know if anyone else has come across this problem

Any help would be much appreciated

All the best

Regards Nick

Hi Nick,

please rename your “Design Templates” folder to “DesignTemplates”.

This should do the trick.

Regards, Kristian

Yah it worked guess that lies in the coding

Thank you so much Nick

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