In menus, Show and Copy URL wording should be consistent

Using GarageSale Version 7.0.14b3 (831), macOS Version 10.12.6 (16G1212)

Select a Listing. Wording should be consistent between MenuBar Listing menu, the Main Window toolbar “…” icon popup menu, and the Contextual Right-click Popup Menu:

“Show Listing in Browser” vs “Show listing web page in browser” vs “Show in Browser” —> “Show Listing in Browser”
“Copy Listing Link” vs “Copy listing address to clipboard” vs “Copy URL” —> “Copy Listing URL”

In menus, wording should be consistent 1

In menus, wording should be consistent 3

That is a really good point.

Hopefully fixed as well in this build:

This also DOES NOT appear to be changed in this build, nor the GarageSale_7_2018-03-08_1 build…

Then it should appear in the next build. We had to switch build servers today, so our workflows might have been out of sync. Sorry for that…

This has been Fixed in GarageSale Version 7.0.14b3 (831) - GarageSale_7_2018-03-12_1. Thank You!

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