Inconsistent shipping parameters error when revising price only!

I’m getting this error when trying to revise price only: “One or more parameter values in the input request are invalid. Check the response for ErrorParameters elements to determine which parameters have invalid values. Correct these values, and then resend the input request.” Interestingly it happens not for all but only for some eBay listings. I do not use profiles and I use only Flat shipping. How to debug and fix this issue?

Quick update, if I select “Shipping Options” alongside with “Price” when revising then it works. Looks like a bug in GS communication protocol with eBay API.

It looks like attempt to revise ANY specific listing properties fail with this error unless you select “Shipping options” as well. So I have to keep “Shipping options” always selected when revising other properties. I guess no one really uses revise selected properties feature if no one hit this bug before…

I tried to “Revise” 1, 2 and 3 listings with price only and they all revised fine. The only time I get a problem with “Revise” is when I have an offer out on an item and I get a fail. But I tried multiple combinations and shipping options was never a fail, I use "shipping profiles, Maybe that is the fix for this issue? Do you have “Shipping Profiles” set up on ebay? I only use the option “revise entire listing” so everything is revised. The seems to be no time saving or penalty for doing “revise entire listing”

Interesting, in my case, only a few listings were revised successfully. 99% failed. Unfortunately, I have no way to debug it further because GS does not show full XML response from eBay API. There is something specific about how I list on eBay I guess. I use only “Buy it now”, no auctions by the way.

Maybe it has to do with your shipping options currently used in your eBay listings. Then, when not revising the shipping options, these faulty shipping options than trigger eBay.

If you are using a shipping profile in these live listings, maybe there is an issue with it, e.g. it uses deprecated or invalid options. Just a thought.

I don’t use profile in any of my listings. All of them have flat rate shipping + local pickup specified as shipping options.

Do you get the notice if you run a “revise entire listing”?

Nop, entire listing always works fine.

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