Insanely long upload time for large listings and generally slow performance with GS7 "upgrade"

Recently upgraded to GS7. On my first auction I tried to upload 220 listings and after 3 hours of waiting I finally gave up. Just sat on the screen saying “verifying” and did absolutely nothing at all. When I tried to close the program there was the pinwheel for at least 20 minutes and I finally had to go to the icon on the dock and force quit thru there. This happened repeatedly thru the day. I finally was able to break them down into smaller groups of 50 or so and they uploaded normally and fairly fast. I literally spent all day figuring this out.

REALLY disappointed with the new version. I find it’s very laggy in general. When I type it takes 5 to 10 seconds to catch up. Also picture uploader is very sketchy. I had to manually drag and drop every picture for 220 listings. Sometimes it recognizes my picture folders, sometimes it doesn’t and will indefinitely have the spinning wheel thing as if it’s searching to locate the folders. Has taken me exponentially longer to complete my work with this PAID “upgrade” than it did with previous versions.

Any fix for the upload problem? Is there a way I can go back to an older version?

Ilya posted this 10 days ago. Haven’t tried it yet THOUGH BUT I WILL THIS WEEK.

I just looked into this, and the error table view in the Launch Control window was updated too often. Here is a version that reduces the number of redraws, which should fix the stalling when verifying a lot of listings:

Please let me know if this version works better for you.

many thanks for the heads up. will give it a try asap

The version @davidelliott pointed you to should already improve GarageSale’s performance when uploading many listings. Here is a newer version, that might further improve the situation, as it removes additional minor speed bumps:

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