Insert html in GarageSale

Dear Sirs,

I am using right now WidgetChimp for creating a template. When the template is done, I have the possibility to copy/paste the html-code directly into my eBay-listing. But I would like to list through GarageSale instead of directly through eBay.

How can I choose a template from GarageSale and the replace the html-code of that GarageSale-template with the html-code I copied from the template I made with widgetChimp.

WidgetChimp allow to list templates made by WidgetChimp to list with eg. InkFrog, Active, Sixties and many other but GarageSale is not one of them.

I send a message to WidgetChimp but they advise me to bring this on to GarageSale.

is ther a way to do this ? Working together WidgetChimp and GarageSale ?

Hi Jose_Noulez_de_Migue,

I do not know WidgetChimp but if you have pure HTML you can insert it in GarageSale’s Editor mode! If you do so just make sure that you disable the "Design"checkbox und that “don’t convert description” is selected.

Does this help?

Regards, Kristian


That sounds wonderful because I like the way GarageSale lists to eBay. I have found that the “don’t convert item description” is selected but where can I find the “design” checkbox to disable it ?


Ok found the "design checkbox"
I will try and let you know