Insert Start Time - Days Remaining in Description

As you know eBay has converted all 30 days listings to GTC with an auto renewel.

I cancel these manually in batches on 7.0.16.

eBay also removed the countdown timer on fixed priced items.

One often gets watchers on fixed priced items who would hope the price would be reduced. When they saw that price hadn’t been reduced and it was getting near the closing time they would sometimes buy it before it left the marketplace.

Now of course buyers have no idea that the listings will suddenly be ended at 29 or 30 days to prevent it from being auto relisted. Buyers wrongly assume that the item will remain there forever.

It would be nice to insert a date in the description that corresponds to the date an was uploaded to eBay. This could be placed next to a statement that this item will end within 30 days of the date listed. This will alert the buyer that they should buy the item before that date.

If you update the description this date should not be changed.

Alternatively some type of count down timer would be best, but its probably not going to work due to eBay restrictions on what can be inserted into the desription.

Another way eBay shoots itself in the foot - more lost sales.

LOL, eBay thinking I am somehow going to pay actual listing fees on GTC items when I list them for free on my own site for free.

I can’t really help you with your request and I think it’s a bit specific request, however, if you’re still using GarageSale 7.0.16 it’s recommened to at least update to the latest version of GarageSale 7, version 7.0.21. You still find that version in the “Download Older Versions” section on the GarageSale website:

If you have macOS 10.12 or higher installed you might want to give GarageSale 8 a try. The Pro version comes with an “Auto-Cancel” feature which might be helpful for you if you list fixed-price items:

Regards, Kristian

The problem is not ending the listings, but having potential watchers know they are going to end.

Since GS knows the start and end date of GTC listing it should be possible to create a placeholder tag for the start date. The tag is replaced by the start date when the item is uploaded to eBay.

The problem with GTC listings that you intend you end before they are auto renewed is that potential buyers don’t know they are going to be ended. They will watch the item but are not motivated to buy it because they are under the impression its going to be listed forever during which time they are hoping for a price drop

Now if I could insert the start date along with a note stating that the item will be removed from the marketplace in X days from the start date that was inserted by GS then watchers would be motivated to buy it before its gone.

Unfortunately, I do not see version 8 as a viable option.

I understand it was a lot of work and has new features, but it comes down to the economics of it.

If it were up to me eBay would be paying your company a monthy fee to keep developing the best listing tool. But of course eBay is not going to do that because they only want to push worthless tools such as Sellers Hub which are designed to control people and not to help them.

Anyone using GS can literally run circles around anyone using Seller Hub like they are standing still. Seller Hub is even worse than TurboLister. Seller Hub even less helpful than A.I.D., one of the first Macintosh listing tools circa 1999-2000 that was killed off by eBay when eBay started charging developers for using their API.

I only use the Listing tab in GS.

I have no use for the Inventory, Orders and Reports tabs.

I have no use for editing images within GS. Actually I find the feature very annoying. I work very fast and when I select a image to “Mark as Gallery Image” I instead double click a image by accident which brings up the editor - which I then have to close, thus wasting more of my time. I’d like to disable the image editor.

Editing is done much faster in Photoshop.

Bulk watermarking is done in PhotoMill X.

For listings that require more than 12 images I embed a YouTube video of SlideShow exported from iPhoto.

Here in the U.S.A. eBay gives users 200 listings a month for which they pay for insertion fees.

It does not make economic sense to pay $14.99 a month to list another 150 items considering the extremely low sell through rate of eBay.

In the past two months 400 items were listed and 44 sold. I make more money by selling through retail consignment shops.

eBay used to run promotions whereas they would give sellers 10,000, 50,000 or even 100,000 listings with no insertion fees, which is why GS was a valuable tool. With these promotions gone it does not make sense to pay $14.99 a month to list an extra 150 items items on a long dying marketplace.

When I check for updates from 7.0.16 it points me to version 8 and not 7.0.21.

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 7.54.44 AM

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