Invalid Postage Type

GS 7.0.9 811
osx 10.12.6

Error using ‘Standard International Flat Rate Postage’ when trying to list.

Using “Air Mail” works though.


Hi David,

Thank you for your feedback. What eBay site is this?
Also, does it matter what shipping options you have selected in the Domestic tab?

Regards, Kristian, Kristian.

Domestic is fine.

Regards David
0404 499 979

Thank you, I can reproduce this error here. We’ll have a look at this.
Do you know if you can still select
"Standard International Flat Rate Postage" on the website?

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian

GS Air Mail Equates to AU Post Economy Air in Ebay (see images)

The total options available in Ebay are in the second image


GarageSale’s shipping services has been updated. Your copy should update those changes upon next restart.

Thanks for doing that Ilja

Just wondering thought why I see postage from China options?


We are wondering that, too.

But for some reason, that’s what eBay says are the valid shipping options for Australia. Perhaps something for users located in China who list on the Australian site?

Hmm. The Chinese already own most of Australia so maybe we are going to turn into a sub-post office!!!

Thanks for your help.