Invalid postal code

Hi there - I finally figured out my Postal Rules - went through the red flags, fixed everything, ready to go
now I have a new error “INVALID POSTAL CODE” -

what postal code are we speaking about?

Maybe the postal code describing the item locations. There’s a text field on the second tab of left-hand inspector for this.

The tab was on the RIGHT hand side and under ‘advanced’ - has location - no postal code was set.

Now a new error appears - LISTING UNDER VIOLATION CANNOT LIST - using Garage Sale 7.0.2x

Wondering what the problem is now. Haven’t logged into Garage sale in half a year and it’s now unuseable.

Please forward a working link to this :

it says gateway error… it has been password protected.

It is possible your version is way out of date and could be the cause of your issues. Ebay is constantly changing and GS works diligently to keep current on the latest log in and various ebay changes. GS is beta testing a 9.0 version so GS 7.0.2x doesn’t have the many new issues resolved. I would check to see if there is a later 7.0.something version that may work on your issues without upgrading to GS 8 or 9. Search earlier posts and see that GS posted that 7 was likely gonna break in January 2022

Thanks for your reply - I’m trying to download this version :

but it’s a gateway error… I have read it will fix my probem.

Your link is probably dead. Above is the last version of 7, which will probably work

It’s not “MY LINK” it’s hosted by this website. And no, 7.0.21 does not work. That’s the version I’m using.

Didn’t mean the link belonged to you, but that it was the one you were using. If 7.0.21 doesn’t work for you, going backwards probably won’t help. I am holding on with 7.0.21 but it’s only a matter of time until it breaks and I have to upgrade.

Thanks for your response flypogger… didn’t mean to project on ya… very frustrating to have my entire inventory I spent much man hours creating to be useless due to ‘upgrades’ planned obsolescence anyone? The excuse is always ’ oh we have to make it compatible for IOS or some crap’…always leaving legacy users behind. Not a healthy trend. I’ll just manually list on Ebay now. Going to try one more time to try to find this elusive 7.0.9 version I think I know why it disappeared from their server… as the newest versions you have to subscribe (PAY) to list on top of paying the fee to buy the program. Terrible.

This link downloads to my computer fine. 7.0.21 is the version that’ll work. 7.0.9 version is way old and doesn’t have the security authorization that ebay requires to sign in.

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