Inventory and currencies


I plan listing items on several eBay sites (.com, .de, a.s.o).
After reading the help, I assume the best way to do is putting the items in the inventory and, for every item, create several listings (one per eBay site) that link to it.

When setting auctions or fix price items on eBay site, I’m always forced to use the “local” currency (USD, EUR, …).
But as I understand, GarageSale’s inventory uses only one currency.

So, assuming I have my prices in USD in the inventory, how will the listing convert to EUR, GBP, a.s.o. if wanting to also publish on European eBay sites ?


Right now, inventory products aren’t multi-currency aware.

The best work-around to address this shortcoming at the moment would be to change price in the listing before uploading to eBay for non-€ sites.

Thank you for your help.
I observed that listing on are also visible on other eBay sites.
So, I planned setting the price in USD, use USD as currency, and upload only to

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