Inventory Bug (But on eBay or GS side?)

We did a Revise Entire Listing on an item that had a quantity of four, with one having sold a few days ago. When an Best Offer came in later in the day, the quantity wanted to buy was for all four. Looked at the listing and it shows four available/one sold. We did not change the quantity from its original listing number.

Assuming this inventory quantity bug happened because of the revision of the listing in its entirety, however, is the fact that the quantity available at present a bug on eBay’s or GarageSale’s side of things?

Have not tried it yet, but am guessing if had not done revise entire listing and instead unchecked update quantity, then all would still be fine.

Maybe an additional warning if the user is trying to revise the quantity of an item that already has sales might help? I’m not sure about how to handle such cases if the users bulk revises a few hundreds or thousand of items? :thinking:

That warning would mean that GS is checking with eBay to see if inventory is sold. If that is the case, and it is able to see the number that have been sold, then perhaps GS could adjust the number available before the entire revised listing is uploaded to eBay’s servers? I know. A lot to ask there.

Other than that, yes, perhaps a simple warning to remind us to check the inventory numbers after revising a listing is the best that we can hope for. Since I am assuming eBay could not care less about fixing this issue on their end.

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