Inventory items images showing up in other templates

Strange, but I noticed this today when viewing one of my listing templates in GS7.

I have images of inventory items showing up on one template that are from another template. My guess as to why the images are there is that an original template was most likely duplicated to use in a similar new listing that I was creating. I checked the ebay auction to make sure the images that shouldn’t be there were in fact not there, and everything was fine on that end. Only the GS7 template shows the additional images.

When I try to delete the image from the template view I get the following message: Images from a referenced inventory product cannot be deleted from a prepared auction. Please use the inventory product panel to delete images from products.

When I go to the inventory product screen for the item in question to find and remove the images that should not show for that particular Inventory item, it does not show those images – only the images that should be there for that particular inventory item are showing for that item.

I’m not sure how to remove the images from the template that should not be there. Any ideas or help on this issue?

Do the images in the listing go away when you remove or change the SKU in the Advanced tab of the Inspector?

Unchecking and re-checking the SKU did the trick in the template. The images were removed from the template. Thanks!

However just an FYI, in the “listings linked with this product” area of inventory items, it still shows other listings that the product really is not a part of.

Hmm, strange. Are you sure that inventory item’s SKU isn’t used in the variations of the listing?