Inventory Not Reflecting Prior Sales on Relisting

We just relisted an item, and decided to check the listing after it went live. The item had a quantity of 3 when it was first listed. One sold during the initial 30 days. We went ahead and hit the Relist command from the menu. And when checking it live on eBay, it was showing a quantity of 3 still available. I thought this issue had been fixed before in GS6, yet here we are in GS7 and inventory quantities continue to not reflect prior sales.

Item in question is:

We went back into GS7 and changed the quantity to 2 then revised the entire listing. It now reflects the right number available. But having to remember to do this on every multi-quantity item upon relisting is going to be a real pain. Not to mention having to check every listing versus inventory to get them back in sync once again.

That would be a nice feature. GS 7 doesn’t update any inventory on any listings. You have to always check inventory before updating a listing because it doesn’t do that for you. I sometime over sell an item because I forget to check inventory on hand before updating a listing.

That is not true according to this…

“If there is any quantity left in the ended listing, GarageSale will re-list that listing with the remaining quantity. If all stock of the original listing sold, no re-list will happen.”

So, are we doing something wrong, or does the inventory count only get updated with Auto Restarted listings?

That quote only applies to automatic re-listing, and not for re-listing in general.

When re-listing manually, the quantity field will depend on what you select in the “Changes” popup. When you select “Re-list without changes”, the listing will be re-listed with whatever quantity was left on eBay when the original listing stopped.

When you re-list with all changes, or with the quantity box checked, the re-listed listing will have the starting quantity that’s currently entered in the GarageSale’s quantity field, which probably is the starting quantity of the original listing, and not what you want. So be careful when checking the quantity box.

Is it difficult to get GS to reflect the quantity left for sale on ebay after a purchase is made?

Once explained, that all makes sense, however, I never would’ve realized that on my own. Not that I have a better solution at the moment.

Not at all, but it’s a problem for a user interface standpoint. What’s the best way from people to relist with the original quantity, that works well when re-listing multiple listings at once, without confusing novice users with yet another option/alert panel. Don’t have a good idea for this so far…

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