Inventory not updating to reflect sales shown on eBay

Hi Support,

Can you tell me how I get the GarageSale inventory for a listing to update and match stock levels displayed on eBay.

When first listed, this appeared to work, but now eBay shows some items are out of stock which is correct, but in GarageSale the inventory is still showing stock left???

Kind regards - Frank


I think we need some more info to understand.

  1. Where do you see, that the item is out of stock on eBay? Do you use the Selling Manager? Maybe a simple screenshot would help here.
  2. Why do you think GarageSale thinks that there are items available? Do you use the inventory to track your quantity left or do you just look at the quantity field in the listing?

We do not update the quantity field in the listing. An inventory item is the way GarageSal tracks the quantity left. You have to create an inventory item and connect it via the SKU field with an item. Whenever an order for the listing is created, the quantity in the inventory should be decremented.


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