Inventory numbering system

What is the best inventory numbering system for garage sale? Right now I put a number in the title of my auction and the same number on my item. I do all this manually and it can take forever. Is there any numbering system that is automated so I don’t have to type them out? Sometimes I do 1000 auctions at a time and it’s time consuming.

Also somebody suggested to put the inventory number in a custom label field instead of in the title but I don’t know where to locate that with garage sale.

Also how can i customize my toolbar? When i go to view>customize toolbar its always light gray and I can’t select it.

There is a private comment field for storing information that should not appear in your public listing.

Sorry, in version 7 is not customisable at the moment. We a somewhat custom toolbar, which is harder to customise than we initially thought, and been so busy with other parts of the app that we didn’t have time to add the customisation feature back.

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