Inventory - Stock held Cost?


Firstly, Great Job with the New GS7! love it, Had a few issues, but the guys sorted them with updates… so great work guys!

My Question is this.

Is there a way of running a report too add up your total in-stock value using your inventory, so add up the cost of your stock in total ?

For instance, if my inventory showed the below, it would produce a report showing how much I have in stock ( £23.95)

5 Keyrings @ £3.99
2 Pens @ £1.50
1 Ruler @ £1.00

Many thanks for this, If there is not this feature, is it possible too add it in? as i think a lot of sellers would use this?

Many thanks in advance

Steve - UK

(Hope Ive got this in the right place, this is my first time using a Forum)

Not right now.[quote=“stevielynsk, post:1, topic:1292”]
is it possible too add it in?

How about adding an extra column in the orders table showing you stocks’s worth per item? The overall sum could be placed in the header, where the screenshot says “6 items”. Everything else is probably too much work to integrate before the 7.0 final release.

Absolutely. Extra kudos for opening a new thread for your request, instead of replying to some age-old post.