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When I have 5 items and sell one GS says I still have 5. Doesn’t GS remove one on listing? I found a answer but it doesn’t make sense not to do that. So I have to do a manual update every item is sell.

To update GS you have to do a revise with the check box at the bottom checked otherwise it will change ebay to the wrong inventory available. That’s how the program is designed.Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 8.09.20 PM

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 8.09.37 PM

It is hard for me to explain. I have inventory of 20 items 5 are on sale at one eBay store and 5 at another store. I still have 20 in inventory but when I sell one from one store I would like it to make it 4 left and 19 left in inventory. My Windows program does that but only inv on each store but no inventory on both. I use Mac for photoshop and would like to use for eBay if I can figure out things. Most have been working but inventory but maybe I am expecting more than the GS is capable of. Outcome I was expecting is on one store it shows up in GS as sold but then it doesn’t remove it from GS listing or inventory. So I have to do is manually remove each of the 20 to 50I sell each day one at time.

Yes, That is how GS works. I asked the developers to add the ability to update quantity automatically when a sale occurs and the check box and manual update was the solution.

I didn’t understand are they going to fix this or are we going to have to do it manually forever? Seems like an easy fix but I am not a programer so maybe its not. Gs says its will update from eBay but the quantity doesn’t work. This takes an extra hour or so. I have to change on inventory then go to item and change it there too. The check box at bottom just changes it back to old quantity.
This is on there website what GS does.


You can define inventory products and assign them title, pricing information, images, quantity, SKU and barcode (EAN/UPC).
You can link your listing or a variation from a variation-enabled listing with your product through the SKU field. Every time an item sells, GarageSale will decrease the remaining quantity for the linked product.

The check box updates GS to the new quantity available after a sale and leaving it unchecked updates ebay to the original quantity that GS had originally before the sale.

I have never taken the time to set up the inventory section of GS. I just now read the inventory section on the manual and having never used it or set it up it looks like lots of extra work.
ilja… I wonder if there could be a way to set up inventory using existing listings so I would not have to start from zero and create and inventory item for every listing I currently have running?

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It is a lot of work. I have about 5000 items in Quickbooks POS and can download them to Excel but don’t know how to do that to bring it into GS.

i think you want to import from directly from ebay. Quickbooks speaks different language

Its is all the same cvs and have to list the columns to the right column which I don’t know how to do and not the time to learn.

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